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Our Consultant

Po-Wei Lai


Principal of Po-Wei Lai Architect Associates
賴伯威建築師事務所 主持建築師

MAUD of Harvard University

Taiwanese Registered Architect 


WillipodiA Founder

Principal of Po-Wei Lai Architect Associates

The Architecture Award for Young Generation 2019

Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Architecture of National Chiao Tung Unviersity

Mr. Po-Wei Lai graduated from Harvard GSD, USA, engaged in architectural and urban design over 10 years. His working experience going across from Bos- ton, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, to Taipei, now he is Taiwan Technology University Lecturer. He worked in AECOM, as lead designer and associate. In Taipei, he was the studio director of Bioarch Formosana, the leader of smart and sustainable architecture in Taiwan. Due to his education and work experience, he is a multicultural and cross-disciplinary architect. In urban design filed, he is a specialist of TOD, new town development, tourism hotel and campus planning. In architecture filed, he sophisticated in sustainable design applied to below: library, university department building, R & D center, transportation buildings as LRT, MRT, the airport.

賴伯威先生畢業於美國哈佛大學研究所,從事建築設計與都市設計十多年,工作經歷先後在波士頓,北京上海,東京,目前常駐台北,台灣科技大學兼任助理教授。曾於美國AECOM擔任主創城市設計師與助理董事; 台灣智慧綠建築先行者的九典聯合建築事務所未來所所長。因教育背景及工作經驗的緣故,有跨專業跨領域的整合能力。在旅遊飯店規劃,新城規劃,永續建築,文化類建築,辦公類建築及研發中心,交通類項目有豐富的設計經驗。

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